Transmission Error- 4.0 is here!

It’s so great that we already have 4.0! If you can get pass all the transmission errors die to high traffic you’ll see there’s tons to do. I already feel super far behind!! >_<; Aqours is here and that’s what the majority of new goals center around. Thankfully that means plenty of love ca. I already had 70 and now I’m almost to 80. I had to scout to pass one of the goals. I happily got a green ticket back so no loss. Both scouts I did were rares. Boo. I do think the first box scout is predetermined … Continue reading Transmission Error- 4.0 is here!

No much going on…

Like the title says since there’s no current event I don’t have much to post. I have managed to save almost 70 love ca. I’m skipping the Taisho set (not sure I spelled that right) and mostly am waiting for a Kotori heavy box. It’s helpful I got a green ticket from the last event because it’s stopping my from doing single pulls. I want to use it for kotori!! (Kotori obsessed :p) I did achieve getting all perfects on and Easy level so I’m happy about that. And I did it again today! This time I wasn’t even paying … Continue reading No much going on…

Hanayo Moon Viewing Event Over

I was pretty close to getting Hanayo, but just couldn’t get enough points. I wasn’t as desperate to get her so I didn’t utilize every free second (or use whatever points I had accumulated) as often as I could have. Plus there’s school and things that were a priority. Heres my standing: I dropped everyday as others played more than me. I kept my gems as I want to do a pull the next time Kotori is available. I’m up to 60 love ca at the moment. I did do one single pull just because, but got nothing note worthy. … Continue reading Hanayo Moon Viewing Event Over

I was so close!!!

I was 20 pts away from the next reward (500 friend pts) and then would have been starting on the Eli SR… I, for some reason, thought the event lasted til the ninth. Oh well… My final ranking was: I still feel good about this event. Even though it was an accident I cleared a medley of expert songs and now I’m more confident in playing them. I used up all the love ca I had saved and I was getting close to 50 but I got antsy waiting so started doing single pulls… Which were mostly crap pulls. Lots … Continue reading I was so close!!!