Game progress over the last few days.

Been getting some time in with the game this week. It’s been pretty great. I’ve been focusing on expert songs… and wasting a lot of lp. Orz. But I have cleared some and I full comboed the event song!! I’ve also had some luck doing some single pulls and I have a video of a super awesome 11 pull. 🙂 The main reason I was doing solo scouts was because I was very close to doing a blue ticket scout. I also got the log in bonus UR. It’s not that strong of a card though of course. ^_^; still … Continue reading Game progress over the last few days.


I got my first SSR and first card higher than R or SR! I’ll have my first UR after the special give away with Hanayo but I’m not counting it till I actually pull a UR. By the way my first SR was Rin God of Longevity card: Funny thing is I got the SSR from a single pull… And I was just hoping for a different R or at least one I can idolize (or the long shot a UR Kotori). As an aside, I have really been able to play much Love Live lately. Just been too busy … Continue reading Nico-Nico-Ni!!!