So close yet so far away….

First I want to say I’m doing pretty good on the Event songs. I think I’m getting better but still haven’t gotten them down pat. Some of that is my fault because I make simple errors or my thumbs get tied up, meaning I get lost on the song/notes sometimes… though that happens mostly on random. Here are a few of my near Full Combos. Sorry I don’t remember the names of the songs. I wish they included them on the end screen too rather then just the album art because many use the same picture. Any way the point I’m making still stands:

Now my perfect lock cards definitely pull me out of a lot of pinches, but I also think I’m doing better at learning the songs and patterns. I’m still not too happy with the iPhone because it causes me to flub notes in the top right corner, only there for whatever reason…

Another thing is notes being “misread” I don’t know… sometimes notes that should at least be a GOOD if not GREAT get counted as a miss. I have too thoughts about this, first is just an unfortunate glitch. Mobile devices aren’t perfect and maybe it just “lagged” out or goofed. Second is that I’m not hitting the note dead in the center so it’s being read more outside the circle… a little tough to correct on a smooth surface when your thumbs are flying around. To correct it I was thinking of making a sorta guide sticker I could put over the screen of my phone so I would hit the “buttons” more accurately.. but that seems like a lot of work for something like that… but I might want to try it for shits and giggles.

In happier news here’s some Full Combos I actually did achieve!

Haha I just noticed how they are all 9 level songs…. Hey you gotta START::DASH somewhere!

I also idolized this lovely Nico card:

My current ranking in the event is:

And I think I’m just going to tier two this one. I’m trying for the scouting tickets but I’ll likely only get one of those. I don’t want to use more Love Ca when I’m just gonna end up in tier two anyway.

No big New on my side accounts. I’ve mainly been longing in and collecting the daily stuff outside of the one song Love Ca. I did scout this Riko and idolize this cute Kotori on my Herron-San account.


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