Rin Festival Ending and other News


I some how managed to scout this Umi from her unlimited box. I didn’t have enough to scout from the step up box on my main.

This is a pretty old card! Happy to have her.

Now I did have 30 Love Ca on my Jherron account and I was amazed at my scout!

3 freaking SSR Umis!! I’m actually not going to idolize them right now and keep all the copies for my Cool team. But dang that was an awesome pull.

Speaking of awesome pulls I did an impulse pull on my main account Herron with the 10+1 ticket I got from the Aquors First Live pack and check this mess:

MY FIRST NON PROMO UR!!! I was shocked but I guess RNG felt bad for me because I’ve been sick the last few days. (More about that later)

I’m also happy with the Dancer Nozomi from that pull too

Funny enough I got Dancer Hanayo the day before.

I think that’s it for scouting shenanigans.

Now for the event stuff.

I was doing good keeping up with the Event but I got sick 3 days before the end of the event which was Friday. I was pretty much out of commission and could only clear out my LP once and my playing wasn’t very good. Then on Saturday I thought the event was ending, because I thought it was Sunday and I play up till the end of the day then used my last 5 love ca to scout the Dancer Hanayo above. I still ended up in tier two and got my Rin-chan.

I actually managed to play my last medley of song 3 minutes before the event end and wound up 1611 rank:

I was around 1200 before the sickness snuck in:

Still I’m glad I was able to idolize Rin.

I did some other sticker idolizations:

And scouted this Chika from my Aquors SR or above ticket:

That’s basically it from my gameplay over the last few days.


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