Honoka Strawberry Shortcake Event

Sorry for the delay in posting, I’ve been very busy with school and just didn’t have the time to sit down and write. I also didn’t post mid event updates because I wanted to surprise everyone by placing Tier 1 in the event!!

I managed to stay in tier one the total event and it was stressful because I’m not that great of a player (maybe above average?) and my rank isn’t that high. Plus I only had a few Love Ca so I had to manage them well.

Here’s my Honkers!

I love this card it’s super cute and that is the reason I fought hard to Tier 1. Here’s a pic of the idolized N card.

She’s kinda cute but not my fav the nyan pose looks nice.

Some nice rewards for first tier:

As for the scouting tickets I did managed to get lucky on one of them the rest were Rare cards sadly but I can’t complain too much because….

I got the new SSR Nico!! I really wanted this card because my Cool team is the weakest… though Aquors has managed to get more SSRs for their Cool team… I generally am trying to keep from mixing members. My Aqours teams are lacking because I don’t really scout for them and Muse has been around longer meaning I have more SR cards for them. It’ll just take time to build good teams.

On to the Chika/You Score Match. Not sure how I’ll do at it I’m trying to save my gems for scouting for Kotori in September during her birthday box so I won’t be using many of them. I do decent at score match in general so I’ll just see how things progress.

Not sure if I’ll do any update post for this event or just an end of event post like this one.

(BTW the April Fools alpaca noises are nuts! XD)


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