You and Chika Event Results

I was pleasantly surprised and my standings in this event. Like I said in my previous post I wasn’t trying to aggressively tier and just wanted copies of the cards. I managed to get 2 copies of You and was really close to the third copy but stopped short because even with gem usage I don’t think I’d have gotten it. The first surprise was that I indeed managed to tier 2 for Chika’s two cards! I had teetered on the edge of tier 2 and 3 for most of the event, it was only towards the end I saw I could secure a tier 2 spot that I decided to go for it. Here’s my tiering results when I finished last night compared to the final rank when the event ended.

Last results after I stopped playing
Final results after event ended

Now for the newly implemented Score Match Ranking I expected average results such as 15 or maybe 20 pink(R) seals because my teams aren’t that strong score wise and I’m a sloppy player a lot of the times. Surprise number 2 is that I managed to tier 2 that as well!! (Edit: I didn’t tier 2 in MMR I wasn’t paying much attention to the tier levels and prizes. I was in tier 4).

I was pretty surprised that night to see I was in at 9900 considering I was losing and gaining points frequently and was pretty sure I was going to drop rank fairly fast. As you can see I did drop but not by as much as I thought.

Truthfully I have no clue how the MMR actually works. I’ve read the Reddit post on it but I still don’t really get it. I’m super happy getting that silver (SR) seal though! Here’s my prize list (split in two)

I used that sweet ass scouting ticket in the new Aqours box hoping for the Ruby UR… instead I got…

Freaking sweet New Years Yohane SR!! I then tried stretching my luck using 5 gems for another pull and got a rare.. so is life.

Here are the card idolizations:

I managed to get the hearts on this one!!

Snuck in an idolized animal set 2 Kotori during the event:

That’s pretty much it for this event. I’m finding events to be pretty worth it over all for playing even though it eats up a lot of my gems.


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