I had love ca but then I gave them away… also event results!

I got to tier two of the event got Eli pretty early on though… I believe within the first 2 days of the event. That was pretty cool. I would have liked to tier one the event for the extra card/SR seal but it’s finals time and I’ve been busy keeping up with school work. I also didn’t want to spend the Love Ca I had which was around 30 by the time the event finish.

But as the title says I spent them all in a moment of weakness. I didn’t anticipate the Aquors valentines set being released and the URs are too pretty… but I only got one SR from my silly solo yolos and if wasn’t even from that set:

Still this Hamamatsu is really cute I had her on my other account too. I’ll do a dump of my other account pulls at the end of this post… I used to be good at saving gems but now all I want to do is spend them ASAP.

As far as my game play it’s kind of all over the place. Like I said I’ve been on a time crunch this week and tried to fit in playing when I could and a lot of it was when I was already wiped out. In happy news I’ve been playing master songs and not doing half bad!! I still need perfect lockers and healers but I’m getting to learn the beat maps that way.

I was close to full comboing the Event song Soldier Love and did so on my alternate account I think but I kept screwing up one note(different every time) in my main.

I was happy to full combo Mijuku no Dreamer Expert on my first run through!

Here are the Event idolizations:

Oh I had 5 blue tickets after the event and pulled Halloween Umi:

So cute!

I also pulled Halloween Mari!

I know I probably should hoard the blue tickets for the guaranteed UR box but I have no self control… lol

Not much else to say so here are the cards I pulled on my side accounts!

That’s it for this time!


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