When Your Side Chicks… uh Accounts are lit.

As I’ve mentioned I have 2 side accounts for Love Live School Idol Festival mainly to keep playing when I finish on my main and to do scouting on when I’m trying to save gems on my main account and get the urge. Now I’ve had my main account (HERRON) a lot longer than the other two but they are OWNING my main account in terms of scouting. They have more URs and SSRs and all from single pulls, either through love ca or green tickets… it’s mind blowing! And…. a little annoying.

I’m going to show some of the cards I’ve gotten since my last blog post on my side accounts. Herron-san has slightly better pulls over all but JHerron is not doing too bad.


I flipped when this UR came from a green ticket! This was my second copy and I got to IDOLIZE A UR!!


I idolized Eli with stickers… like most of my SRs…

But seriously WHY ARE THEY SO LUCKY WITH SOLO YOLOS!?!?! My main account has only gotten rares that way. ;_;


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