Bubble Umi Success and New Aqours Event for Dia and Riko


Sorry I’m behind with updating on this event. I had school and then some family stuff come up and I just never found time to update. This event had been built up to be a blood bath but I found it pretty easy to stay up in tier one which surprised me. I did want to save Love Ca but I love this Umi card because it’s just so pretty and then with tier one so easy to achieve I jsut went for it. Here’s my stats from the night before the end of the event and after it finished.

These are the before it ended and below are where I finished.

IMG_2288I don’t think I fell as much as I had thought I would and was really happy I got in tier one for the extra copy.

So here’s the rewards and the cards!


With my screenshots I’m trying to get better at getting the hearts too.

My game play for the event was very good! I feel like I was improving over time, yet I still missed Full Comboing all but one Expert song. Here’s the shots for that, sorry I don’t have song names, it would be nice if they were listed on the screen rather then just the image because the pictures are used for multiple songs.


I idolized two cards during the event, baseball Hanayo and Valentine Angel Kotori.

IMG_2213IMG_2214IMG_2293Unfortunately I didn’t get a good changing image of Kotori! ::sad face::

Now the next event has started for the Aqours girls Riko and Dia.


These are pretty cute cards, but I’m not wowed by them so I’m not planning to tier for the event… so sadly no Dia card for me, but I do think I’ll at least get a copy of Riko. Part of this is also due to me seriously collecting gems this time. I’ve managed to climb to 52 and I want to save for Kotori’s birthday box. I do want to spend 5 for new boxes that will come up between this time and then or green tickets. Basically one pull per new box. I don’t expect anything but rares, but I like to at least try considering my alternate accounts pull SRs, SSRs, and URs from single pulls fairly frequently.

So far my game play has been ok but I almost think I’ll never be able to Full Combo these Medley Fest. Here’s my best so far:

IMG_2359Just going to keep practicing and hoping I improve!

We also go new Opening Screens for the 3rd anniversary!



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