What a Wild Ride and Event Results!


It’s been a few days since this event ended but I haven’t sat down to write about it because I was dealing with life stuff and one day I just took to myself to shut off and do nothing but watch Terrace House episodes on Netflix (I got addicted to this show). Thing is there isn’t much to write up because like I mentioned in my last post I wasn’t trying to tier the event and getting both cards would have been nice but it wasn’t my goal as I’m really wanting to save up Love Ca to pull for Kotori in September. Though I hear Nozomi’s box will be out this week and birthday boxes are hard to resist… and I really like Nozomi too, yet I seem to like all the girls so it’s hard to resist all boxes!

For this event I was able to aquire one copy of Riko, but I don’t know when I will idolize her. I am trying to focus on score cards, but I need good perfect lockers too because I’m not that good of a player ha ha.


Here’s the idolized event N girl:


I feel like my playing got better as the event went on. I’m not too good at Aquor’s songs the note patterns really throw me off at times with the short hold notes and double taps. But I also don’t play them as much as Muse… Here’s some of my best Medleys:


It’s nice to see improvement and it helps keep a player motivated!

I got lucky with some of the green tickets I got from the event across my accounts. I think only my Main (Herron) and second (Herron-san) got tickets I didn’t play as much on my third (JHerron). First my Main account:


For a minute I thought this was an event card, because I didn’t look at the new cards added to the box. Still really nice to pull and SR! Now my Herron-san account just flipped me out:


I got a freaking UR!!! Now I have a UR pair on that account!


As happy as I am it’s also sad or funny to me that my Herron Main account only has one UR and I got that from the Aqours Live show pack 10+1 ticket, which I think pulls better cards. Anyway since I pulled a UR I decided to use the gems I had saved on Herron-san to do another pull and got:


Freaking LUCK on that account… and generally on JHerron account to… why not my main?? T_T

So yesterday I found it was my 1 year anniversary of playing Love Live School Idol Festival! Previously I had a rough idea of when I had started as sometime in June based on events and a time stamp on my computer for the old photo, but I wasn’t sure if that was the correct date. I was browsing my Microsoft One Drive and came across the said photo with an accurate Date Taken time stamp so now I know! June 3rd is my Love Live anniversary!


The whole reason I took this screen shot was to show my boyfriend Kotori has her birthday a day after mine! So I chose her as my best girl. Ha ha! I’m really glad I took this screenshot now because it is part of my Love Live history. I had no idea I would enjoy this game as much as I have, but I really love playing it and have a lot of fun with it. Since it was my one year anniversary I felt like I should do a scout and I had 63 gems saved up and was thinking of doing a 10+1 scout for the occasion… but in the end I got 2 love gems and did a single pull because I don’t want to deviate from my goal of Kotori’s Birthday box. So what did I get?


Beautiful Taisho Nozomi! So now I’m thinking as a Thank You to Nozomi for visiting on my One Year Anniversary I should do at least one pull from her Birthday box. I do seem to have pretty good Nozomi luck on my Herron account. There you have it guys a whole year of playing Love Live! Next year I’ll plan a huge scout for my 2 year anniversary because I can’t see myself stopping now! OH I got to play the game on my mom’s Ipad and IT WAS AMAZING!! I think it was even more fun then on my phones, so now I really want an Ipad to play the game on.


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