Happy Birthday Nozomi Tojo!!!

So it’s Nozomi’s birthday today and the special birthday boxes came out a day or two ago. I mentioned in my last post how SR Nozomi came home for my one year anniversary so I felt like I should scout for her birthday and that’s what I did!

I got my second UR on my Herron account and it’s Mermaid Nozomi!! Such a beautiful card and Fruit Stand Nozomi came home too! It’s also a really beautiful and cute card.

With this pull I also had 5 blue tickets saved up so I did a blue ticket scout and this came home:

My lovely Kotori baby! I really liked this card too so I was happy to get her. Kotori may be my best girl and I thought Hanayo was my second best but maybe Nozomi is my second best? She always comes home to me… lol

I decided to do one solo yolo in Nozomi’s birthday box since I was having fairly good luck and out came:

This cute Yukata Nozo! I’m not sure but I think this is the Seven Lucky Gods SR.

Overall an awesome birthday scout. I actually did these scouts on Wednesday night as soon as the boxes came available and was having a really great day as I got a call earlier for a job interview and managed to work out a design for a new dynamic box project for class, everything just seemed to be going great that day.

Also been doing really well in the current Nozo/Pana event and it looks like I might tier two for it! (I actually got Nozomi’s first card copy last night)


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